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San Diego Padres Protest Outcome Of Loss To Diamondback, Claim Montero Didn't Touch Second

The San Diego Padres notified the umpires that they were filing a protest over the outcome of their 6-5, 10th inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. According to the Padres, Miguel Montero didn't touch second base after Lyly Overbay earned a bases loaded walk in the bottom of the 10th. 

Padres manager Bud Black is absolutely correct on the facts. Montero didn't touch third base and according to crew chief Tim Welke it doesn't matter. Welke cited baseball rule 4.09 (b) which happens to cover this exact bases loaded, game-winning walk situation:

Official Rules | Official info

(b) When the winning run is scored in the last half-inning of a regulation game, or in the last half of an extra inning, as the result of a base on balls, hit batter or any other play with the bases full which forces the runner on third to advance, the umpire shall not declare the game ended until the runner forced to advance from third has touched home base and the batter-runner has touched first base. 

"It's in the hands of major league baseball," said Black told the San Diego Tribune. 

It likely won't take long for MLB to laugh this one right out of their offices since the rule covers exactly what happened. Sorry Bud, we know it's been a rough season for your team but filing a protest after the umpire explains you the rule is just kind of silly.