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Arizona Diamondbacks Follow Great TV Ratings With Free Tickets For Kids

The Arizona Diamondbacks are on a roll, people. Justin Upton has been the best hitter in baseball since the All-Star Game and the team finished a trip through the division with an 8-4 record including a series win in San Francisco that ever-so-briefly had the Snakes tied for first in the NL West.

Fans are noticing too. 

According to Fox Sports Arizona, the Monday and Tuesday night games against the Giants (where Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson kicked Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum in the a$$) saw the highest TV ratings for a D-backs game since 2008.

On Monday FSN AZ said they reached a peak rating of 6.9, which represents 124,379 Phoenix households. It was the third-highest rated program in the market, trailing only "The Bachelorette" season finale and "After The Rose: The Bachelorette Special".

On Tuesday they reached a peak rating of 7.7, which represents 138,800 Phoenix households. It was the second-highest rated program in the market, trailing only "Americas Got Talent".

It's a shame more people are watching "The Bachelorette" and "Americas Got Talent" but it just proves, despite conventional wisdom, which gender really controls the remote controls in Arizona's homes.

Following up on the great ratings, The Diamondbacks are making a push to fill the stands for the up-coming home series against the lowly Houston Astros. The team announced they are giving away free tickets to kids under the age of 15 with the purchase of a regular-priced adult ticket. 

All regular seating areas on any level of Chase Field are eligible for this promotion with the exception of all-inclusive concessions, such as All-You-Can-Eat seats.

"There is always a great sense of excitement for kids when they start a new school year, and we wanted to help kick it off the right way," said D-backs' President & CEO Derrick Hall. "The energy kids bring to the stadium motivates our team and makes Chase Field one of the best fan experiences in baseball. We hope our fans come out to cheer us on as we continue working towards our ultimate goal."