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Arizona Diamondbacks Offer $5 Upper Deck Seats For Colorado Rockies Series

With the Diamondbacks pressing forward in an attempt to win the NL West, the front office has extended an enticing offer for the three-game series against the Colorado Rockies on August 29-31.

CEO Derrick Hall announced on today's game broadcast that all tickets in the upper deck will be available for $5 apiece. For those keeping track at home, the best tickets in the upper deck usually cost $26, which makes this a $21 discount.


A cursory check of the ordering platform indicates that there are still front-row tickets available for only $5 on each of the nights in question, offering D-backs fans a pretty unique opportunity to watch the game from an excellent vantage point.


Arizona has struggled to sell tickets for weekday games, as school is back in session and many people would prefer to watch the game from home. During the last weekday series against the Houston Astros, the team only averaged 18,286 despite offering a free children's ticket for every adult ticket purchased.


The front office now realizes that there are a lot of fans that do not have kids, and with this offer they are extending a great value to every possible constituency. If this promotion does not get fans in the seats, then nothing will. The Diamondbacks are currently three games ahead of the San Francisco Giants in a very exciting pennant race, and fan support is necessary to help propel this team into the playoffs.