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Arizona Diamondbacks Staying Close, Not Cracking Under Pressure

The Arizona Diamondbacks took batting practice on Friday afternoon for the first time since the East Coast earthquake. There was some light-hearted questioning whether the team would resume batting practice upon returning home. The three days they went without batting practice corresponded with three consecutive victories that finished off the road trip in a positive fashion. They had lost their previous six games and appeared that the wheels were falling off the wagon.

But if there is anything we should have learned by now about this Arizona Diamondbacks team, it is that they always recover and get back on track.

Kirk Gibson spoke briefly about the the losing streak and the subsequent winning streak in his pregame press conference with the media Friday afternoon. "I think we played OK," Gibson explained. "We weren't very productive offensively, but Texas hasn't been either and they can mash, so it happens."

As always, Gibson attempts to keep everyone from reacting to strongly one way or another. He noted how both the Phillies and the Braves pitch very well. That certainly was an important factor in the D-Backs' offensive struggles. He vows that, if they have the chance to play those teams again (meaning they are in the postseason), they will make adjustments. If this does happen, "I think we'll play better," said Gibby.

The most telling quote is this, and it sums up the team perfectly:

"We could have cracked. We were 1-6. We finished with three wins and the atmosphere was really good when we were losing. We stayed together. We stayed on task. We didn't panic...I think we're a better team because of it."

With 31 games left in the regular season and a three game lead in the NL West, that is exactly what the fans are hoping to see down the stretch -- that they are, in fact, a better team.