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2011 MLB Playoffs Schedule: Diamondbacks Could Open Up NLDS On Oct. 1

Folks, I'm going to ask that you forget about the combined 14 runs and 20 hits the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitchers gave up to the Houston Freakin' Astros over the last two games. Those four errors in the field? That never happened.

All that matters is San Francisco Giants are still only half a game ahead in the NL West with 46 games remaining and a favorable schedule in September. That, my friends, means your Arizona Diamondbacks are very much still a playoff contender.

This gritty little team that could was picked to finish last in the division and well below .500 but here we are, posting the 2011 MLB Playoff Schedule with no irony or sarcasm whatsoever.

You very well could need this schedule in a few weeks to plan you attendance at a baseball playoff game held in Phoenix, Arizona.

You might need to cancel a planned trip or adjust you football ticket buying habits to make sure you can be at Chase Field rooting on the D-backs as they make a push for the World Series exactly 10 years after they won it last.

And yes, we believe in the power of positive thinking so put this sucker on your calendars now! (Full playoff schedule after the jump.)

NL Divisional series schedule

  • Saturday, October 1: NLDS Game 1s (TBS)
  • Sunday, October 2: NLDS Game 2s (TBS)
  • Tuesday, October 4: NLDS Game 3s (TBS)
  • Wednesday, October 5: NLDS Game 4s* (TBS)
  • Friday, October 7: NLDS Game 5s* (TBS)

National League Championship series schedule

  • Sunday, October 9: NLCS Game 1 (TBS)
  • Monday, October 10: NLCS Game 2 (TBS)
  • Wednesday, October 12: NLCS Game 3 (TBS)
  • Thursday, October 13: NLCS Game 4 (TBS)
  • Friday, October 14: NLCS Game 5* (TBS)
  • Sunday, October 16: NLCS Game 6* (TBS)
  • Monday, October 17: NLCS Game 7* (TBS)

World Series (Heck Yeah!)

  • Wednesday, October 19: AL Champion at NL Champion, Game 1 (FOX)
  • Thursday, October 20: AL Champion at NL Champion, Game 2 (FOX)
  • Saturday, October 22: NL Champion at AL Champion, Game 3 (FOX)
  • Sunday, October 23: NL Champion at AL Champion, Game 4 (FOX)
  • Monday, October 24: NL Champion at AL Champion, Game 5* (FOX)
  • Wednesday, October 26: AL Champion at NL Champion, Game 6* (FOX)
  • Thursday, October 27: AL Champion at NL Champion, Game 7* (FOX)