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Arizona Diamondbacks Not Very Popular Online; New York Yankees Top List

Really, I'm not sure we needed a study or survey or any other systemic review of data to tell us that the Arizona Diamondbacks would rank near the bottom of any list measuring online popularity of major league baseball teams. Nor would we need to do more than close our eyes for three seconds to come up with the most popular team - the New York Yankees.

Still, numbers are numbers and these results that show the Diamondbacks tied with the Kansas City Royals for 29th place and four times less popular than the Bronx Bombers are interesting in their own right.

This study from Beyond the Box Score, as it's author readily admits, is flawed. So, if you work for the Diamondbacks' digital marketing department and happen to be reading this don't bother showing it to your boss and don't feel like you've failed in your life's calling.

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