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Arizona Diamondbacks Overcome Errors and Brewers To Steal Win, 8-6

It wasn't the prettiest game of baseball you are going to see this year. In fact, the Arizona Diamondbacks had no business winning this game at all after a series of mistakes put them in a deep hole that they were able to somehow climb out of. Down 6-1 after four innings, the D-backs put up eight runs over the next five innings by scoring one or two runs in each of the final frames.

Daniel Hudson started off just fine with the first run allowed on a Juan Miranda error in the third inning. Hudson followed that in the fourth inning by hanging a bases loaded, two-out slider to Brewers pitcher Shaun Marcom who hit his career-first home run and the first grand slam of the Brewers season.

The real star of the game was the Diamondbacks bullpen who put up four scoreless innings that allowed the offense to do some work.

In the eighth inning the D-backs had both Miguel Montero and Miranda thrown out at third base. Montero had no business trying to go first to third off a Sean Burroughs singles to left field. He was out by a mile. Miranda was trying to take an extra base on the throw after hitting an RBI double but was out on a close play. Burroughs had a nice three-hit, one RBI game in the start and Wily Mo Pena his a pinch-hit solo home run that's probably still airborne.

In the end, it didn't matter. The Brewers had three errors of their own and their bullpen was a disaster. In the end, it's a win the D-backs needed after a couple of miserable series. The bullpen picked up the starter and the bats covered up for the defense and base running mistakes.

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