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MLB Trade Rumor: Jarrod Parker's Progress Impacts Trade Market

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With the trade deadline less than 48 hours away and seemingly every club in contention looking for moves to make their club better, the Arizona Diamondbacks may be looking at internal options to bolster their pitching staff down the stretch run.

Top-prospect Jarrod Parker has been earning rave reviews this season. Even more important, his command has returned to what it was before he underwent surgery after the 2009 season. With the improved command and nasty stuff on the mound, Parker has been dominating the competition this season.

In five starts in the month of July, Parker has not allowed more than one run to score and has an excellent 22/8 strikeout-to-walk ratio. That's getting the job done and General Manager Kevin Towers has taken notice:

From this report in the Arizona Republic:

"Between him and (Tyler) Skaggs and (Pat) Corbin, (Wade) Miley, we've got some nice options down there internally," Towers said. "That's probably why I'm less likely to go out and do something big for a starter."

Towers has said multiple times he will make a move if it helps the club in both 2011 and beyond, but do not be surprised if some of the talented arms in the DBack's farm system make their way up in September.