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MLB Trade Deadline Early Action: Edwin Jackson And Jason Frasor Move Impacts D-backs

The first big deal of the 2011 MLB Trade Deadline just went down and there are Arizona Diamondbacks finger prints all over this one.

According to a tweet from @MLB, former D-back no-hitter-thrower Edwin Jackson was traded along with utility guy Mark Teahen from the Chicago White Sox to the Toronto Blue Jays for reliever Jason Frasor and a prospect. Frasor was a middle reliever believed to be in the gun sights of GM Kevin Towers to bolster the D-backs pen.

Just to recap the theft that interim general manager Jerry Dipoto pulled off at last year's trade deadline, Edwin Jackson and his big salary were moved for Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg. Hudson is throwing very well at the top of the D-backs rotation and Holmberg looks like a legit prospect who threw a 34 scoreless innings in Single-A ball this year.

Jackson (7-7, 3.92, 1.422 WHIP) has been good for the White Sox but not so good that a team in contention in the AL Central wasn't willing to move him and his $8.75 million expiring contract for a middle reliever and a prospect. 

For the Diamondbacks the Jackson trade looks better each time Hudson pitches but if Frasor is off the market, Towers will have to look elsewhere for bullpen help.