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Diamondbacks' Hall Hopes ASG Leads To More Fans In Seats

Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall did a lot of interviews during All-Star Weekend, and one of the things he talked about was the hope that the All-Star Game could be what leads to more ticket sales now that the second half of the season has begun.

The Diamondbacks have done their part. They've fielded a competitive team that plays with an upbeat attitude and some grit, and find themselves in second place in the NL West as play began Friday night.

"It gives them (fans) a reason to want to get back to the ballpark and to see our team, especially now that some of the focus will be on the D-backs and seeing that we're in contention and we're in this race," Hall said last week, "it'll add to attendance for the second half no doubt."

Fan or not of this organization, the Diamondbacks have done a great deal to attract fans. They've put out a number of ticket specials, including for this weekend's series against the rival Dodgers. The All-Star Game was a success as was the Home Run Derby. Everyone has their theories for as to why the D-backs struggle to draw consistently large crowds despite how well they are playing.

Perhaps it's just a wait-and-see and folks want to see whether this solid season will hold up into August, or at another point later in the season. Hall, for his part, even admitted he is a bit surprised at how well the team has played in 2011.

"I didn't think our turnaround or recovery would happen this quickly," Hall said. "I knew we were going to, but I'm pleased with where we're at. Now we're all feeling a little bit greedy, now we want more. So hopefully we can stay in this thing and can win it and hopefully get to the playoffs."