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2011 Home Run Derby: Captains Prince Fielder And David Ortiz Pick Derby Teams

For the first time ever, the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby teams will be selected by captains for each side. The 2010 Home Run Derby winner David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) will pick the rest of the three participants from the American League and Prince Fielder (Milwaukee Brewers) will lead the National League. Fielder won the Home Run Derby in 2009. 

Ortiz and Fielder are certainly now receiving text messages, phone calls, and edible arrangements from every slugger in the league begging to get in. Participants don't have to be on either All-Star team which opens the field to anyone from Jose Bautista (25 home runs) to Fielder's teammate Craig Counsell (0 home runs).

Arizona fans, of course, are lobbying hard for Justin Upton. J-Up's 13 dingers have him tied for 17th in the NL but he also has four over 450 feet including this 478 foot bomb which made Wily Mo Pena's 453 footer in Detroit look like child's play. He's an obvious choice.

The 2011 Home Run Derby will take place on Monday, July 11 at 5:00 p.m. and will be televised nationally on ESPN.