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Interleague Play: Is Diamondbacks vs. White Sox Worth It?

It's now the fifteenth season of interleague play in Major League Baseball, dating all the way back to 1997. Back when the idea was introduced, the concept was fresh, novel and was quite exciting on its face.


Now that it's 2011, does anyone really care about the White Sox or the Twins coming to Phoenix to play? If anything, it's a little counterproductive.

There are always going to be teams that will sell out a road stadium -- just last summer, the Yankees came to Chase Field for a three game series with the Diamondbacks, and the seats were packed to the rafters with New York fans.


Unfortunately, not all teams are the Yankees. While no one is going to argue that the Pirates, Nationals or Astros are a big draw in Phoenix, at least they are in the same league. A bottom-feeding team from the AL Central doesn't stir the imagination the way MLB's leadership team imagined it would.


There are those who still find interleague play to be amusing, and at times I can relate. The cycle has been fulfilled in my mind, however. I'd rather have the Phillies come to town twice in the same year instead of watching a D-backs/Blue Jays tilt.