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Trevor Bauer, Ready To Pitch (Video)

Arizona Diamondbacks brought Trevor Bauer, their third overall pick from the recent 2011 MLB Draft, to town to get a first-hand look at what will hopefully and quickly be his new home. Bauer is seeing the sights with his family, getting the tour of the facilities, and getting a chance to meet the coaches and players who will soon be his teammates and mentors. 

What jumps out about Bauer is his competitiveness, desire, and humility. This is a kid who would much rather be with his UCLA team preparing for the College World Series in Omaha then taking this next step in his life. He wants to be on the mound right now.

"I feel great physically. My last start was the best I felt all year. If I could sign tomorrow I'd be ready to go pitch and yeah, I want to go pitch. Watching the Super Regionals and College World Series isn't exactly the easiest thing and I'd rather be there right now then here. No offense, but I want to get back out there on the field. I'm starting to miss it already."

Not surprisingly, his soon-to-be agent and current "family advisor" Joel Wolfe talked glowingly about Bauer, calling him one of the best he's ever seen. "He's going to be special. He's going to be the show."

Neither Wolfe or Bauer would say much about the negotiation process with the Diamondbacks that are soon to get underway. No timetable was given but everyone hopes a deal will be reached soon. Part of those discussions will include what happens next with Bauer. If he's signed quickly, he could pitch in the minors this year or he could be given some down time and an opportunity to play in the Arizona Fall League.

The one thing Wolfe, who represented Mike Mussina among others, worries about with Bauer is his ability to adjust to the different focus on minor leagues. Bauer, according to Wolfe, is the kind of guy who will be mad if he strikes out 18 and throws a complete game and his team still loses. In the minor leagues with everyone trying to develop and show off their game, winning as a team is less of an issue.

Bauer patterned his delivery off Tim Lincecum and hopes to get a chance to talk to his pitching model at some point over the next few days while the San Francisco Giants are in town for a three-game series with his new team.