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Barry Enright Demoted To Reno After Poor Start As Diamondbacks Starter

Barry Enright showed such promise when he first came up last season to replace Dontrelle Willis. But in his first six starts of the 2011 season Enright is just 1-3 with a 6.49 ERA off 25 earned runs in 34.2 innings pitched. Thursday the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that they've optioned Enright to the Triple-A club in Reno. 

Enright has struggled with his command allowing 3.9 walks per nine innings pitched. Barry's breaking pitches seem to have improved this season but his fastball has lost life according to the pitch f/x data

Aaron Heilman was brought back from the disabled list as part of the move. Heilman competed for a spot in the rotation during Spring Training but lost out to Enright and Armando Galarraga. He went on the DL on April 15 with right shoulder tendinitis and missed 18 games.

There's no word yet on who will replaced Enright in the rotation. It could be Heilman but he's not exactly impressed this season either with an ERA of 12.15. Josh Collmenter is an option. He's pitched well out of the pen since coming up and has started 92 games with an ERA of 3.50 in the minors.