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Arizona Diamondbacks Could Be Buyer At MLB Trade Deadline

Another happy byproduct of being in first place in the division on the first of June is early MLB Trade Rumor discussion for the Arizona Diamondbacks is about adding players to make a run and not dumping contracts to save money. According to ESPN's Buster Olney, that's exactly the scenario we are looking at. That Charlie Sheen guy got one thing right, winning.

Twitter / @Buster Olney: A team that is going to be ...
A team that is going to be aggressive before the deadline, with money to spend -- the Arizona Diamondbacks. Poised to spend.

What exactly could the D-backs look to add to a team that's obviously so well put together? Starting pitching would be a good start. While Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson look to be solid in the rotation and Joe Saunders is a decent back of the order guy, from there it gets a lot more dicey. 

The bullpen has been much improved but one more solid arm would do wonders. Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez could be an option but he reportedly doesn't want to be a setup man without and extension. In the lineup the team has been solid both defensively and offensively. Another Met to consider would be outfielder Carlos Beltran. He'd be a fairly expensive rental at a pro-rated portion of his $20 million 2011 salary, but his .833 OPS would sure be a nice addition to the order. 

While we're shopping, it looks like the Minnesota Twins have some good deals to be had.