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Aramando Galarraga Done In AZ, Next Up Is...?

He's a fiery guy with a lot of heart but unfortunately, Armando Galarraga's stuff just hasn't been getting it done this season. He's simply not been able to keep the ball in the park and when you mix in a high walk rate with a lot of home runs allowed you are not going to last very long, even on the Arizona Diamondbacks staff.

Galarraga was designated for assignment which means the team has 10 day to release him, trade him, or send him to the minors. It's hard to imagine another team wanting him right now despite his high-character and famous near-perfect game.

AZ Snake Pit breaks down Galarraga's break down in AZ:

Armando Galarraga Designated For Assignment; Wanted: 5th Starter - AZ Snake Pit
Galarraga struggled mightily this year with Arizona. He got lucky in his first three starts, accumulating an ERA of 6.00 and allowing six home runs, yet winning all three games. His ERA only barely improved - it currently sits at 5.91 - as his home run and walk totals continued to climb. In only three of his eight starts did he go six innings or longer. He leaves Arizona with a 3-5 record, 5.91 ERA, and 13 home runs allowed.

He also leaves with a bitter taste in the media's mouths and probably the fans' as well. After his frustrating outing last night (5 IP, 8 R), Galarraga had an outburst with a radio reporter that was caught on tape and made the rounds on all the major sports networks. He said he wasn't worried about keeping his job. Well, perhaps he should have been?


The Diamondbacks have until Saturday to find another starter. So far, GM Kevin Towers doesn't have an answer. Options include Aaron Heilman (in the pen), Zach Duke (if he's ready), Barry Enright (Reno), Micah Owings (Reno) or perhaps Towers has a surprise in store for us.