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Kirk Gibson 'Pissed' After Bullpen Blows Tie In 7th Vs. Cubs

The Arizona Diamondbacks were down 4-1 going into the seventh inning of today's game against the Chicago Cubs. Three walks and two singles tied the game and gave the D-backs all the momentum going into the final frames. The bullpen had been solid up to that point of the young season and just when Kirk Gibson needed a shut-down inning from his relievers, he instead got a cold blast of reality.

Sam Demel came in and gave up two singles and a double to allow one run. Gibby then had Demel walk the bases loaded to get to a lefty hitter for his lefty-specialist Joe Paterson to take out. Paterson instead walked Tyler Covin and gave up the second run.

Asked if it was "disheartening" to see that happen, Gibson didn't hold back,

"It pisses me off. We're all mad. It's disappointing. It kills you," he said.

And that right there is Kirk Gibson, the most competitive person on the Diamondbacks roster.