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Diamondbacks Fall To Cubs In 'Gritty' Loss, 6-5

We said before the season started that progress would be measured in more ways than wins and losses. Trust us, we said that. So far we are seeing that as the 1-3 Diamondbacks don't actually look all that bad. In today's loss to the Chicago Cubs played on the road in difficult weather conditions, the Arizona team at least showed some fight and battled to a close game.

At some point, these close games are bound to turn in the D-backs favor but it's going to take fewer mistakes. Today's goat was Miguel Montero. In the second inning with two outs and runners on second and third, Enright walked Fukudome but Montero's pickoff throw to second went into center field. That throw allowed the runner on third to score and the runner on second to advance. 

It was the only error of the game and it cost just one run, but for the Diamondbacks that one run was the difference. Montero's defense overall continues to be an issue that doesn't seem to have improved since last season. He has two errors in four games (both on critical throws) so far this season.

Starting pitcher Barry Enright clearly didn't have his best stuff, but he managed to battle through and finished a the kind of line that any team can live with from their fourth starter: six innnigs, seven hits, four earned runs, three walks and three strikeouts on the day. 

Offensively, the D-bats were slow to arrive but a three-run seventh briefly tied the game before Sam Demel and Joe Paterson came out of the pen and gave two back.

Gerardo Parra and Willie Bloomquist continue to swing hot sticks as the two combined for a pair of singles that plated the three runs. It should be noted that Russel Branyan came up with the bases loaded and one out and went down swinging. Ryan Roberts scored the final run of the game in the ninth inning off a Xavier Nady ground out RBI.

The D-backs have lost three-straight but boy, does it feel good not bad.

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