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Stephen Drew 'Getting Closer' To Playing Despite Nagging Abdominal Injury

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Stephen Drew, slated to start at shortstop this season for the Arizona Diamondbacks, has yet to play a game this season due to what is being termed as a strained lower abdominal injury that has continued to linger.

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson told the press Monday that Drew is "getting closer" to returning, though he couldn’t say for sure if Drew was even available to pinch hit today.

Drew hasn’t played in a game for a week now and hasn’t played yet this season so it seems the Diamondbacks are hopeful he’ll be back in the starting lineup soon but everyday he misses — especially if Gibson isn’t even sure if Drew can pinch hit — leaves the lineup a little bit awry.

Drew’s replacement in the starting lineup, Willie Bloomquist, has performed admirably enough for the Diamondbacks so far this season. Going in to Monday’s game, the veteran had a .400 batting average and was able to lead off today’s game with a home run.