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Diamondbacks Drop 2nd Game To Mets, 6-4

Barry Enright pitched an OK game but OK wasn't good enough to get the win. The Diamondbacks lost the second game of the series to the Mets and their third-straight on the road. So much for coming home with a plus-.500 record. 

AZ Snake Pit has the full recap of Saturday's action.

Diamondbacks 4, Mets 6: Well, at least it wasn't (completely) on the bullpen - AZ Snake Pit
Although some may look at today's rain delay as a nuisance (originally a 10:10MST start delayed until 11:30MST), it was all well and good for me. I mean, sure, there's the obvious benefit of enabling me to be awake on-time to watch the game I was supposed to recap, but more importantly, I was able to see the dog that threw out the first pitch. I mean, I know the organization was hit hard by the whole Madoff scandal, but that's gotta be an all-time low. Oh, wait, they had puppets sing the national anthem, too?