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Kirk Gibson None Too Concerned With Low Fan Turnout

The D-backs manager said he doesn’t worry about the size of the crowd at games, even though his team is off to a praiseworthy 4-4 start and the club plays with heart to the very end, it has shown so far.

Arizona drew 48,027 for the home opener, then down to 20,719 on rainy Saturday and 19,718 Sunday for the exciting 10-8 win over Cincinnati that included two comebacks.

“It’s our obligation to give them a reason to come out. There’s one person here or 50,000 people, we’re playing the Cardinals tonight, and we shouldn’t need any motivation other than the fact that we’re in the big leagues,” Gibson said. “We owe it to ourselves and baseball and our organization and the fans that do show up to give it everything we have and don’t give in to anything.”