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D-backs Starting Lineup Vs. Reds For Sunday, April 10

The Arizona Diamondbacks have put Willie Bloomquist back in the lineup after giving him a night off in Saturday’s loss. Here’s the full lineup playing behind starting pitcher, Joe Saunders:

1. Willie Bloomquist (LF)
2. Kelly Johnson (2B)
3. Justin Upton (RF)
4. Stephen Drew (SS)
5. Chris Young (CF)
6. Miranda (1B)
7. Roberts (3B)
8. Blanco ©
9. Saunders (P)

The Reds will go with Stubbs (CF), Phillips (2B), Votto (1B), Rolen (3B), Gomes (LF), Renteria (SS), Bruce (RF), Hernandez ©, Leake (P)