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The More Things Change, The More The D-backs Blow A 9th Inning Lead

It is completely unfair to take one blown Spring Training ninth inning lead by Diamondbacks reliever Brian Sweeney and make too much of it, but after last season that's just the way things are going to be for awhile. Forget that Sweeney isn't projected to throw a single pitch in a regular season save situation (let alone any other situation). All that matters is the Arizona Diamondbacks had a 4-3 lead in the ninth before giving up a three-run bomb to Padre Jesus Guzman.

It's going to take a lot of time and successful saves to wipe last season's bullpen catastrophe from our minds. Sorry, new D-backs team, that's the burden you bear.

There were bright spots (there usually are) and in this game they came in the form of four decent innings from young arms Dan Hudson and Jarrod Parker. Justin Upton continues to swing good wood and prospect Paul Goldschmidt has yet to slow down. 

For a full recap of the game, as always visit AZ Snakepit for beautiful prose like this:

Diamondbacks 4, Padres 6: Well, That Sucked... - AZ Snakepit
After Paul "Solid" Goldschmidt came off the bench with two outs in the ninth, and gave the Diamondbacks the lead with a pinch-hit RBI double, it looked more than possible that Arizona might be about to pick up the victory in Peoria this afternoon.

However, such optimism had reckoned without the efforts of reliever Brian Sweeney. The jury may still be out on whether Jesus can hit a curve-ball - but the Padres' Jesus Guzman clearly had no problems with the 82 mph, belt-high slider Sweeney delivered, depositing it over the fence in right for a three-run, walk-off homer. The Diamondbacks record in Cactus League play is now 2-6.

The D-backs will get another crack at the Padres today at 1:10 p.m. at the friendly confines of the Stick, Talking. Here's your pitching probables:

Probables: RHP Ian Kennedy, LHP Mike Hampton, RHP Juan Gutierrez, RHP Daniel Stange, LHP Joe Paterson, LHP Leyson Septimo, RHP Yonata Ortega, LHP Jordan Norberto, RHP Josh Collmenter

We intend to be on the scene for today's game.