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Arizona Diamondbacks Split Split-Squad Day, Face Padres In Peoria Next

Your Arizona Diamondback played two games yesterday and at least managed to win one which pushed their spring training (meaningless) record to 2-6. Zach Duke got rocked in the second game (4-2 loss to the Giants) while Aaron Heilman continues to impress in the win (5-3 over Seattle). 

AZ Snakepit has the full recap of both games and will certainly have the same after today's match with the San Diego Padres of Peoria. Here's the pitching probables for that one along with a full recap from yesterday:


Diamondbacks 5/2, Mariners 3/Giants 4 : Heil(man) To The Chief - AZ Snakepit
Tomorrow, the team finally moves outside the cozy confines of Scottsdale, heading over to Peoria for a game against the Padres. Schedule to pitch: Daniel Hudson, Jarrod Parker, Kam Mickolio, Esmerling Vasquez, Carlos Rosa, Brian Sweeney, David Hernandez.

Jim over at the 'Pit, also has a fine write up on the projected and possible roles in this year's (hopefully) revitalized bullpen. Take a read:

The Talking Schtick: Diamondbacks Bullpen Roles - AZ Snakepit

One of the things which will be sorted out over the next four weeks are the roles to be played by the Diamondbacks relief corps - and, hopefully, those roles won't be the "comic relief" ones played in 2010. Well, I'm sure opposing fans found them highly amusing - personally, I'd rather sit through an Adam Sandler/Robin Williams marathon. This year, I'm looking for something more like The Expendables, with a host of hard-nosed mofos coming out of the bullpen to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And if they're all out of bubblegum, that's entirely fine by me.