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MLB Winter Meetings: Kevin Towers Open To Trading Top Propects For Starting Pitching

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Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers took some time to speak to media Wednesday at the Winter Meetings in Dallas, and spoke candidly on his thoughts on trading top prospects to improve the team, and that the time is now for the D-backs to be great. 

Towers spoke largely about the bigger picture of where the organization is and where it is headed, and was adamant that the front office thinks the team has a great opportunity to bring another championship to Arizona: 

"We see an opportunity in the next couple of years -- and this is just in our eyes, the way we view it. After winning a division, expectations of the fan base, looking kind of at our competition -- this is probably an opportune time to hopefully stay on top, if we make the right moves, and are able to make our club better, even if it means giving up prospects."  

This comes on the heels of the team looking into current Oakland A's pitchers Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill, either of which would fit nicely into the D-Backs rotation. Towers wasn't specific about any players, but was once again blatant in the fact that trading top prospects could be in their future:

"I've never said anybody is untouchable if the right deal presents itself," Towers said. "If we can justify the dollars and it makes us better now and in the future, you've got to be open to (trading) all of your best guys. Not that any of them are easily moved, but prospects are prospects...there's no guarantees of what they're ultimately going to do."    

The Rockies will be a dangerous club, the Dodgers will likely be an improved ball club, and the Giants will probably be in the hunt in the division as well. Towers is smart to want to fill his quiver with quality players now, as it might come down to the wire next October for the NL West title. 

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