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Baseball Wives TV Show Invades Scottsdale, VH1 Debut Raises Questions About Our Sanity

I'm really at a loss to describe VH1's newest addition to the world of reality TV: Baseball Wives. Since the show takes place in Scottsdale, AZ and more importantly, features the wives of Arizona Diamondback's coach, Matt Williams and the wife of former player and current broadcaster, Mark Grace, we are forced to at least acknowledge this show exists.

Folks, who watches these shows? Honestly.

Is it young girls who are attracted to the outrageous lifestyle? Is it fellas who are drawn to the glamour and/or train-wreck quality of the show? 

Clearly baseball players don't watch or they wouldn't say this:

Twitter / @DHern_30: 
#baseballwives is the worst show I have ever seen.

or this:

Twitter / @BarryEnright54:
Well that was a "One and done" ...feel bad for Matty's wife puttin up w/ that trash lol

It is hard to feel bad for Matt Williams' wife, however, since she at some point volunteered to put herself on this show. Who knows if Matt had any say but we can't imagine this ending well for him in the club house gossip circles.

Anyway, feel free to watch for yourself on VH1, it's on about 1,300 times per week. 

AZ Snake Pit also has a much more intelligent and thoughtful review of the show that features Tanya Grace and Ericka Williams who is described by another wife as a "snake in the grass" (which could just be a reference to the D-backs logo, right?)

Not convinced yet how awesome / awful Baseball Wives is? Watch the clip after the jump:

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Also, for fun, you can read this "report" about...ah forget it.