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Left With Precious Few Sports Teams To Root For, Arizona Residents Taunt Dangerous Livestock

The Diamondbacks have been eliminated after an amazing season. The Cardinals have been...less than good in a...less than good season. It's too soon to tell how well the Coyotes will perform. The Sun Devils and the Wildcats, although not quite at Cardinals depths, could be doing better. There's no guarantee we'll see the Suns at all this year. What's left for the Arizona sports fan to do? If the town of Cave Creek has anything to say about it, the answer is "potentially get trampled."

Yes, for those people who wanted the thrill of running with the bulls in Pamplona, only without quite as much danger of death by goring, no international flight costs or TSA pat-downs and plenty of easy escape routes to scout ahead of time, Cave Creek, AZ was kind enough to host its own equivalent of the world-famous idiocy scramble.

Drawing hundreds of runners to the weekend-long event (some from as far away as Los Angeles), the participants were invited to scamper and giggle as rodeo bulls with their horns ground down ambled along behind them on a fenced track that was an entire fourth of a mile in length. Just like in Spain!

Regardless of your feelings about the actual Running of the Bulls, I think we can all agree that this is pretty silly. This is an amazing example to pull out the next time you want to argue against the NBA lockout, or perhaps if you want to suggest that the baseball season is too short, or that NFL teams should play twice a week. Just look what people can get up to without sports to distract them.

No word yet on whether any Arizona sports notables participated in the event, but my money's on Ryan Roberts.