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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals going quarterback in first round?

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The latest mock draft from SB Nation has the Arizona Cardinals drafting a quarterback in the first round.

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For most of the teams in the NFL, the season is over and the NFL Draft and free agency are the points of focus. The top half of the draft order is set, and for the Arizona Cardinals, it means a top-10 pick after a disappointing season. Actually, given the instability at the quarterback position, it might be said that they over-performed at some points.

Still, that quarterback position will be the primary concern. In Matthew Fairburn's latest mock draft at SB Nation, he has the team addressing the need. He's got them drafting Tyler Wilson, the signal caller from Arkansas.

7. Arizona Cardinals - Tyler Wilson, Quarterback, Arkansas

Tyler Wilson isn't a perfect prospect by any means, but the Arizona Cardinals are desperate at the quarterback position. Wilson has displayed shaky footwork and throwing mechanics this season, which has caused his accuracy to suffer. He isn't the best decision maker, but by all accounts, Wilson works hard in the film room. Don't be surprised if he works his way into this draft spot.

Arizona had four different quarterbacks attempt passes this season. Kevin Kolb was the best, with eight touchdowns and three interceptions, but he went down with an injury. From there, it was all downhill.

John Skelton threw two touchdown passes, which is great and all, but also had nine interceptions. Ryan Lindley did slightly better in the latter statistic, with seven interceptions, but zero touchdowns. Brian Hoyer played in Week 17 and managed a touchdown alongside his two interceptions.

In short, if the Cardinals can justify taking a quarterback at No. 7, it seems as though they desperately need to.