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Arizona Cardinals players wait out hiring process

For Arizona Cardinals players left wondering who will be their next leader, there's only one thing to do: wait.


Most of the Cardinals roster has played under only one coach in their time in Arizona so this hazy, in-between-coaches thing has created an unfamiliar feeling throughout the clubhouse.

Center Lyle Sendlein told John Weinfuss of that it's an "emotionally strange" period for everyone and describes it as a combination of "worry" and "excitement." As Weinfuss points out, Ken Whisenhunt is the only head coach Sendlein has ever known in his professional career as he was the man who drafted him back in 2007.

Same goes to offensive lineman Nate Potter, who played under only one coach throughout his tenure at Boise State and learned how to be a pro from his Whisenhunt regime rookie season this past year. Potter shared with Weinfuss that he doesn't follow the replacement rumors too closely and he believes most of the team tends to "go about [their] business and try to take care of what [they] can take care of."

To read more quotes from the Cardinals currently in limbo, read Weinfuss' story in it's entirety.