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Santonio Holmes catch in Super Bowl one of 100 best sports photos, according to SI

Don't worry, we decided to put up a picture of angry Ken Whisenhunt instead of making you guys rehash that terrible catch.

Karl Walter

Much to the dismay of jaded Cardinal fans everywhere, Sports Illustrated recently voted the Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl winning touchdown catch as one of the 100 all-time greatest sports photos.

To protect the sensitive eyes of Arizonians, we will not be posting this graphic photo of defeat on this page but feel free to follow the link to see it for yourself.

From an artistic standpoint, the photo taken by SI's John Biever is pretty aesthetically pleasing. There are about 100 pairs of eyes fixated on Holmes' acrobatic catch, almost making it feel like time itself stopped for that very moment.

But as those conspiracy theorists will point out, it does seem that Holmes' right foot isn't touching the ground as his momentum carries him out of bounds.

That's neither here nor there though. To view this incredible collection of photos in it's entirety, head on over to Sports Illustrated's incredible photo index. Trust me, it's well worth your time.