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Ray Horton thinks Cardinals interview 'went well'

Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton interviewed with team president Mike Bidwell on Wednesday and said he thought it went well.

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Thearon W. Henderson

While former Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid has drawn most of the headlines as the top candidate to become the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, current Cardinals' defensive coordinator Ray Horton interviewed for the job on Wednesday and said afterward he thought the interview went well.

Horton, who interviewed with Cardinals president Mike Bidwill, said the two discussed everything from personnel to future expansion of the building. Horton said Bidwell asked how Bidwell could be a better owner and the two also discussed draft structure.

Even though the Cardinals struggled enough to cost Ken Whisenhunt his job, Horton's defense was never the issue. Arizona finished 12th in the NFL in yards per game allowed, including fifth in passing yards per game allowed. Horton is considered to be one of the next up and coming head coaches and has reportedly drawn interest from several other teams.

In Arizona, Horton is one of a few candidates including Reid and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.