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Steve Keim interviewing elsewhere doesn't mean he won't be Cards' GM

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It never hurts to get a feel for your worth when you are a 'free agent'.


Long before the Arizona Cardinals fired Rod Graves as their general manager, Steve Keim was a name that people considered to be the guy that would replace Graves, should he be fired. Reports had the team and Keim negotiating a contract for the job, but nothing was announced, although team president Michael Bidwill did say that Keim is an in-house candidate to be GM.

The sentiment from Adam Caplan was that the Cards needed to nail him down before he hit the open market or he would leave. The Cardinals, though, said that the hiring process for coach/GM would not be "lightning speed."

It was reported earlier that Keim is interviewing for the vacant GM job for the San Diego Chargers. But before you think that the Cards have lost out, we need to remember patience. Keim might take that job, but there is no reason to believe that an interview means a job offer.

The Chargers will more than likely interview other candidates. So will the Cardinals.

Plus, the interview may simply serve as leverage for a better salary offer from the Cards. Even Kurt Warner did the same thing before his final season in the NFL, visiting the San Francisco 49ers and milking another couple million dollars out of the Bidwills.

Most teams do not hire without due diligence. Both the Cardinals and Keim are doing theirs.

They may end up being a match. They might not. But to worry about it after one interview is not what fans should do.