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2012 NFL Preview: A Look At The NFC West [Video]

The NFL is finally back! Week 1 is here and the games now count. What does that mean? Previews and predictions. The guys at SB Nation Studios took their turn and previewed each of the divisions in the league. This edition covers the NFC West -- the division in which the Cardinals play.

The Cardinals are not given much of a chance. They finish third, according to their predictions. However, good things are predicted for the division. The 49ers will win the division and the Seahawks will finish 10-6 and be a wild card.

As for the Cardinals, they emphasize the issues at quarterback (it was filmed just before the decision to start John Skelton was made), noting that Skelton is not exactly the guy that you want to turn over a franchise to and that he isn't a quarterback who could win a playoff game.

What is not mentioned at all is the fact that the Cardinals managed to win seven of their last nine games in 2011 or that their defense could be very good. They do say that Larry Fitzgerald is very, very good. But we already knew that.

Take a look at the video and tell them what you think.