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Despite What Has Been Implied, Don't Expect Kevin Kolb To Play In 2012

The Arizona Cardinals made their decision. John Skelton, not Kevin Kolb, will be manning the quarterback position in 2012. IN his press conference on Friday, head coach Ken Whisenhunt refused to go into details as to what was the reasoning behind his decision, other than Skelton "gives [the team] the best chance to win" right now.

Whisenhunt gave the impression that perhaps the metaphorical "leash" that coaches have with their players could be short. "This business is a tough business and it's a production-oriented business," he explained. "If you're not getting the job done, then you're going to be replaced." He also said that "Kevin's got to be ready."

However, other comments Whiz made also revealed a little bit more, making me think that the comments before are standard coach speak.

The question came up about whether or not Kolb would come in for certain situations, like the two-minute drill, where he showed he was effective in the preseason. The team did this in with Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart. Leinart would start and then Warner would come in when the team wanted to go no-huddle. "Sure there's a chance for that," said Whisenhunt. "If it gives us a chance to win, yes."

But that did not sound too convincing to me, especially with what followed.

The most revealing was when he was asked how fluid the quarterback situation would be, specifically if Skelton were to have a bad game. "I wouldn't say so," he answered. So, if Skelton is struggling, it isn't a sure thing that he would be removed in favor of Kolb, despite the fact that he had just said that it was all about the guy who could give the team the best chance to win.

It is apparent that the team is going to ride the Skelton horse unless he is downright terrible or he gets hurt -- not that it is wrong way to go.

The way I read into what he said is that Kolb could come in for packages, but it would mean that Skelton is completely ineffective. Skelton won't come out in the middle of games, but Kolb needs to be ready.

Essentially, unless there is only an outside chance that Kolb plays. But Whisenhunt has to use that point of view to keep Kolb hungry and motivated.

Truly, having a definite starting quarterback is better for the team. Skelton should not have to have to look over his shoulder and worry whether one mistake will send him to the bench. But there also must be balance in competition. The message is clear -- don't be bad and don't turn the ball over.

As for Kevin Kolb, no matter how you spell it, he is relegated to bench duty yet another season unless he has something fall his way -- something that has yet to happen in his career.

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