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NFL Network Analyst Michael Lombardi Is NOT A Kevin Kolb Fan

Plenty of questions are surrounding Kevin Kolb now that the first preseason game has concluded. After throwing 1 for 4 with an interception, people are still wondering if he is the guy that can lead the Arizona Cardinals from the quarterback position. His durability has also come into question after he went down with yet another injury and was forced to leave the game with a rib contusion.

Still, coach Ken Whisenhunt is going to give him more chances to try and win the starting job over John Skelton. Whiz truly can't afford not to. But if you're Michael Lombardi, an analyst for NFL Network, Skelton is your guy right now.

Lombardi was on with ESPN's Colin Cowherd and he had some very scathing comments directed at Kolb and his level of play. Here is some of what he had to say (via

"When I watched Kevin Kolb play with the Philadelphia Eagles I would always say... I was more impressed with what [Eagles coach] Andy Reid did to make him look good than I was with Kevin Kolb actually looking good."

That's not even the worst part. He continues...

"Clearly in Philadelphia it was that Andy [Reid] was doing the right things for Kevin Kolb."

Lombardi went on to say that the interception Kolb threw in the Hall of Fame game was against, "high school coverage." He also went as far as to compare Kolb to former Eagles quarterback A.J. Feely, another signal caller Reid traded that didn't pan out once he left Philly.

To be honest, it all sounds a little rough, but it is Kolb's job to disprove it. Up to this point, he hasn't shown that he can be the guy that the Cardinals were hoping they were going to get. This will be his year to prove that, or else he might not see another in Cardinal Red.

Lombardi was pretty rough on Kolb. But who knows, maybe he will get wind of this interview and use it as a motivational tool to get better. Anything to help put a little fire in his belly would help at this point, right?

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