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VIDEO: John Skelton & Kevin Kolb Have A Non-Handshake

So Kevin Kolb just got injured again in the preseason Hall of Fame game for the Arizona Cardinals against the New Orleans Saints. Not something he particularly would have wanted to deal with before the season started.

So you can understand a little bit why Kolb was so non-receptive to this handshake deal with his backup quarterback John Skelton. Check out the animated GIF of the lack of exchange after the jump.


It's hard to see Kolb and Skelton having beef with each other, as the two are considered to be good friends. Kolb was probably more frustrated by his injury than any other possibilities that led to this handshake snub.

Skelton ended up spending a lot of time on the field last year because Kolb could not stay healthy. You'd have to hope a similar situation doesn't occur here well before the season has even started. You never want to see players go down in the preseason, particularly starting quarterbacks.

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