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The Arizona Cardinals Already Have The No. 1 Offense In The NFL

The preseason has not even begun, but the Arizona Cardinals already have the very best offense in the league. They also have the very best passing game of any team in the NFL. Those things will probably come in pretty handy in Sunday's Hall of Fame game against the New Orleans Saints, whose pathetic Drew Brees-led offense only ranks a paltry fourth in the NFL. Where did I get these stats, you ask? Why, from, of course!

On Saturday, The Sports Dude noticed that had a head-to-head infographic up regarding Sunday's matchup between the Cardinals and the Saints. It was ... uh ... an interesting take


This is sure to have New Orleans running scared on Sunday. They clearly don't stand a chance against that juggernaut of an offense! I wonder whether these numbers are assuming Kevin Kolb is the quarterback, or John Skelton. Oh well, it probably doesn't matter. Number one, baby! Woooo!

All jokes aside, we all feel just as confident as in the Cardinals' offensive output this year, right? Right? Anyone? Sigggghhhhh.

Editor note: In case you were confused as well, these stats represent the 2011 preseason team rankings. The Cardinals did in fact have the league's top offense and passing game, but only in fake game. Proof is here. But it is still funny.

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