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Cardinals Roster 2012: Levi Brown's Injury Complicates Offensive Line

Losing LT Levi Brown for the season as impacted the entire offensive line for the Cardinals.


Ken Whisenhunt is still working on his roster for the 2012 season and one of the units still in flux is the offensive line. Projected starter at left tackle, Levi Brown, has been lost for the season and the Cardinals are scrambling to try and find a replacement.

Jess Root, of Revenge Of The Birds, examined how Brown's injury has impacted the entire offensive line:

Levi Brown was sort of the linchpin. He played well the second half of the 2011 season. He was the best option in the free agent market when you balanced knowledge of offensive schemes, talent and durability. Having him at left tackle kept the whole left side intact.

When he got hurt, being lost for the season, it caused chaos. There did not seem to be a plan in place just in case something like this happened. It would be the one thing that was not planned for. If he stays healthy, you can feel okay with the early struggles on the right side because it is the first time those players play together and, being veterans, you expect things to come together at some point.

The Cardinals will be starting D'Anthony Batiste and Bobby Massie in the their final preseason game in an attempt to stabilize the tackle positions.

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