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Arizona Cardinals Injury Update: Team Relatively Healthy Other Than Brown For Game Vs. Titans

The Arizona Cardinals aren't banged up much, but did lose a starter for perhaps the season on Friday.

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The big news from the weekend for the Arizona Cardinals was the loss of starting left tackle Levi Brown to a torn right triceps, an injury which could cost him the rest of the season. So now the Cardinals are seeking help at that position, though they do have in-house candidates to fill the position.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt could have some other injury updates when practice convenes Monday, but the Cardinals seem to have gotten out of Friday's game with nothing major injury-wise, except what happened to Brown.

Starting wide receiver Andre Roberts missed the game, per this Arizona Republic report, due to an injury suffered in practice last week.

The Cardinals now have an additional issue to figure out with an upcoming trip to Nashville, Tenn., to face the Tennessee Titans after a short practice week. There is still a quarterback competition to be won. The game is Thursday night on ESPN.

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