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Channing Tatum Mania Takes Over Cardinals Practice

There was a lot of hoopla surrounding the end of the Cardinals practice this afternoon, but not because of anything that happened with the team. Hollywood super hunk Channing Tatum was a surprise for the crowd, as well as the players, and may have even performed a brief dance from his most recent hit movie, 'Magic Mike'. As a matter of fact, Tatum was there not only to support the Cardinals, but because he is long time friends with Kerry Rhodes, who happens to be celebrating his birthday today. Rhodes said he and Tatum got connected early on in their lives, have stayed in touch over time, and admits that they are so close they are like brothers.

Rhodes and Tatum are both from Alabama, and Rhodes supports his friend and his career, saying, "He's blown up and done such a good job now. I'm proud of him." When Rhodes was asked if Tatum would trade his life for a career in the NFL, Rhodes said that Tatum played football. "He got an offer to Wake Forest to play safety, so he plays football." But to answer the question, Rhodes said, "I don't think he would trade his life for this." When the question was reversed, and Rhodes was asked if he would trade his life for the life of a Hollywood actor, Rhodes said, "maybe." In all seriousness, Rhodes said, "I love what I do too. Everybody admires different things from afar, and I think athletes admire Hollywood people, and Hollywood people admire us, what we do."

When asked which one of his teammates would do the best screen test for Hollywood, Rhodes said with a great deal of confidence, "Oh that's me. That's no question. I don't even know why you asked that question." Rhodes admits that Tatum garners a lot of attention from his acting, especially from the ladies. Referring back to the movie 'Magic Mike', Rhodes said about Tatum's striptease, "I think he won the ladies over with that one." Rhodes admitted that he is going to pursue an acting career as well, and that even though Tatum has taught him some things, he also has some natural ability. Rhodes even joked that he and Tatum might have something coming out soon.

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