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NFL Predictions: Arizona Cardinals Go 7-9, Eagles Win Super Bowl In Prediction Machine Projections

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It is naturally too early to make predictions for the NFL season, especially since the preseason has not even started, but the projections have already begun. One of the more interesting predictors is a machine, the Predictalator.

In sports, matchups dictate outcomes. Instead of data mining to attempt to find historical trends that may lend some insight into future games - a common, yet misleading approach for many other predictive models -'s accuracy stems from the Predictalator (a fancy name for the Machine), which plays an upcoming game 50,000 times before it's actually played.

Using the machine, the Arizona Cardinals do not fare that well in a very tightly contested NFC West.

In the division, the Cardinal finish 7-9, according to the machine. That would also be the approximate record of the St. Louis Rams, as both sit at the bottom of the division. The Seattle Seahawks finish 8-8 and the San Francisco 49ers win the NFC West with a 9-7 season.

Who wins the Super Bowl? In these projections, The Eagles come out on top with a 28-26 win over the New England Patriots.

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