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My 3 Wishes For Cardinals Vs. Raiders Game

I found a magic lamp recently, and its genie happens to be a football genie (or so it said). It granted me three wishes for the game between the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders. I couldn't ask for love, more wishes or another quarterback. I could only wish things that could happen during the game.

I told the genie he kind of stinks as a genie, but that I was amenable to the idea of wishes. Having been a Cardinals fan as long as I have been a fan of football, I know what it is to wish things about the Cardinals. So I went with it.

Wish No. 1: No injuries!!!

Last preseason we saw Greg Toler and Ryan Williams go down with season-ending knee injuries. Williams is just now getting back and is expected to play early on and get a few carries. But we don't want that again. If there is one thing that the Cardinals can ill afford, it is sickness or injury.

Wish No. 2:That the QB battle become a real battle:

Ideally, we could know which player -- Kevin Kolb or John Skelton will be the starter. Maybe we will know, but my wish is even with lower expectations. Thus far the QB battle has been more like a pillow fight -- one that no one wants to win. I wish they turn the QB competition in to a competition -- making it a choice between two able players. Let's see two QBs playing good football instead of two QBs looking bad.

Wish No. 3: That Matt Leinart PLEASE not look like the best QB on the field.

This final wish is actually a big one. Considering the QB problems of the team, we don't need to add insult to injury, as they say. Former Cardinals player Matt Leinart will see playing time for the Raiders, his new team. He couldn't win the starting job in two separate QB competitions in Arizona. He is probably the biggest disappointment the team has ever had in a draft pick. For that reason and also for our sanity with the QB position, he just cannot look better than Kolb or Skelton on the field. That would be too much.


I'm banking on this genie coming through on his promise. Then again, when have I had wishes come true as a Cardinals fan in the last 20 years?

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