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Cardinals QB Battle Could Be Decided Against Raiders, Or Not

The preseason game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders is viewed by most as all about the quarterbacks. Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt has said that he is going to let the offensive starters play "until they get it right." Earlier in the week, it was that the starters would see probably the first half. At the core of it all is the play of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

It seems that everyone has run out of patience and wants a decision now about the starting quarterback position. Whisenhunt would rather know who his guy is, the players probably do as well, and fans are sick of waiting.

Understandably so.

However, you know what would be worse than this? Picking a quarterback that the coach is not sure is the better option for the team.

This is why we have to "go through the process," as Coach Whiz would say. The idea is that, through competition, one of the two players will step up and show who is the better player. The thing is that neither has done much to distinguish himself from the other.

The game against the Raiders is important, and this is why Whiz is going to give booth QBs plenty of chances to show who they are.

But what if they don't?

Well, it isn't the end of the world. There are still two more preseason games. Not knowing yet who is the better option is only inconvenient. If Whiz and his staff are not sure which player is the better choice, why rush the decision? Up until now, both are equally questionable overall. So what is another week going to hurt?

Naturally, most of us want a decision so that guy can get all the reps with the first team,

But, as inconvenient it may be, if the choice is not clear after Friday, we still need to give it time.

Kevin Kolb needs to have a solid game. So does John Skelton. One or the other...that would make things easier. Or even better would have both play really well and at least have the battle become about two guys that are pretty good options to a pair of guys that don't even reach the level of mediocrity.

But if neither is up for the challenge, the world is not ending. After all, they still have more games to play. It will give people like me some more stuff to write about.

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