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Coach Ken Whisenhunt On Tonight's Game-like Practice

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt is looking forward to tonight's practice, as it will be a good opportunity for the coaches to get in some more evaluations, and some more playing time for the guys. He says the practice tonight "will be a little bit more like a game situation," and "we really need that after last Saturday," sensing some frustration from Coach Whisenhunt as a result of the outcome of the Red and White practice.

The format tonight will be different than last Saturday, but there will be a similar section to the Red and White practice at the end. The offense with have three drives; one starting from the 30, one from the 40, and one from the plus 20. The offense will be given 10 plays, and if they get a first down, the drive will continue. Whisenhunt says another objective of the practice is to work on the communication from the sideline to the huddle, getting the players to line up properly, and having them execute the play in more of a game-like situation. There will also be a live goal-line at the very end, which will surely get the players amped up.

Coach Whisenhunt on tonight's practice: "It will be interesting to see the tempo."

As for Kevin Kolb, he will play tonight, but may be a bit limited in what he is capable of doing. Ryan Williams will probably sit out tonight's practice, but Coach Whisenhunt is hopeful that he may see a few snaps on Sunday. Replacing Williams will be LaRod Stephens-Howling. First round draft pick Michael Floyd, although not in the starting lineup, is also a player to look for on offense. He is an improving young player who has impressed Coach Whisenhunt with his speed, and strength. The rest of the starting offense, according to the depth chart, should be ready to play.

Defensively, the team is pretty much intact, with William Gay, who came over from the Pittsburgh Steelers this year, starting opposite Patrick Peterson. Sam Acho is slated as the starting right outside linebacker in only his second year with the Cardinals. The rest of the starters on defense should look similar to last year.