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Deadspin Explains Why Arizona Cardinals Are Not Going To Win Much

As a website that focuses on our teams from a fan perspective, we frequently focus on the good, the hopeful and do criticize a bit when needed. Today, though, we will look at the negative side of things, in an entertaining fashion. Deadspin is running a series on why each NFL team "sucks," and the turn of the Arizona Cardinals came around.

If you read it with the intent to be entertained, you will get a laugh even from the subtitle:

Some people are fans of the Arizona Cardinals. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Arizona Cardinals.

The truth is that some of what they use to criticize the Cardinals are valid arguments. Note: not all the language in the Deadspin post is PC.

The first one that takes another look at Kevin Kolb being a coach's son has some merit.

If anything, that kid got an unfair head start in life because Coach Daddy plugged him in the starting lineup with little to no justification.

We have all seen that.

The other valid point is the offensive line, noting the 54 sacks allowed by the offensive line. That still is a major concern. Says the article:

Anyway, the line is still puke. So even if you Cardinals fans (all three and a half of you, since I only count Leitch as half a fan) find yourselves overjoyed once Skelton wins the job early in the season, please know that Kolb WILL play at some point. And so will Ryan Lindley. And so will Richard Bartel. OF TARLETON STATE! That's an actual school.

In all, with the potshots at the weather, Cardinals fans and Sheriff Arpaio, it is a very funny read. As an Arizona native myself and Cardinals fan, I couldn't stop laughing. Just don't read it knowing it is over the top.

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