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Arizona Birdgang Podcast From Training Camp Talking Adrian Wilsion, Quarterbacks

Mario from the Arizona Birdgang podcast was up in Flagstaff to watch some of training camp and was on the phone with Joe for the latest episode of their show. As can be expected, quarterbacks are a good portion of the show. They discuss the performance of both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton thus far.

In fact, the guys make a prediction about who of the four guys on the roster will be the odd man out. You might be surprised.

At the start of the show, they discuss how great Adrian Wilson is and what it means to the team and fans to have a guy like that on the team.

Mario reflects on how it was to be there for the Saturday scrimmage with an estimated 14,500 fans. He talks about what it means seeing the fan support and how this is the start of a solid fanbase for generations to come.

Take a listen to the podcast by clicking this link (recommended for mobile users) or simply use the embedded player below. Thanks for listening!