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Turn Up The Crazy! New NFL Rules Could Make Stadiums More Entertaining For Fans

The NFL is struggling with attendance to games, despite a huge surge in TV viewing. The league hopes to improve the game experience for fans in an effort to get more there (since apparently lowering ticket prices is not on the table of options). One change in stadium rules that could make things a little wilder, crazier and more obnoxious at games, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"In hopes that professional football can mimic the wild stadium atmosphere typical of college football games, the NFL says it has "liberalized" its restraints on crowd noise. Stadiums will now be free to rile up crowds with video displays, and public-address announcers will no longer be restrained from inciting racket when the opposing offense faces a crucial third down."

What could this do? Imagine a PA announcer mocking a play of the field by an opponent to incite fan noise. The video boards could show highlights from the home team and lowlights for the opposing ones.

College football games are fun to watch and be at because of the uninhibited spirit from the fans. Some NFL stadiums have that feeling.

University of Phoenix Stadium can get pretty loud. When things are going well, it is one of the biggest home-field advantages. It also can get overrun by fans of opposing teams like the Cowboys and Steelers. Giving the home team more options to quiet these fans will make games even more fun to attend.

Will this be a net positive or negative for the Cardinals themselves? That will depend on their composure on the road in places like Seattle, where playing conditions are tough enough without restrictions.

Regardless, if the team is smart, it will liven up the gameday crew and make use of the new loosening of restrictions.

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