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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp: Is The Defense Good Or Is The Offense Just Bad?

If there was one thing that was evident in the Saturday scrimmage in front of an estimated 14,500 fans, it was that the defense was better than the offense. Now this raises an important question, and it is one that coaching staffs have to wonder as well. Is the dominance a case of just the fact that defenses typically look better than offenses at the start of practice camps, does it mean that the offense is going to be bad, or is the defense really all that?

Neither Kevin Kolb nor John Skelton looked great. Skelton only managed to complete two passes. Kolb looked more accurate, but he also threw two interceptions. The running game was ineffective as well. There was one 44-yard gain by Ryan Williams, but that was met with some disagreement. Outside of that, there was not a lot of movement.

The players on defense understand the schemes. They know where they are supposed to be, as opposed to last season. Kerry Rhodes commented on how things are different during camp for the defense. He described how plays would go and people would just do the wrong assignment.

"There would be plays where I would go to the sideline and Adrian would go into the flat. Other times Calais Campbell would be there doing a spin move when he should have pushed inside," explained.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt commented on how the offense looked a little "sloppy," but tempered that with saying that part of that was on the defense, "which we think is pretty good."

With the team playing their first preseason game on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, we will get a slightly better picture. But we won't know for sure until Week 1 of the regular season.

Until then, let''s just hope it means the defense is that good, and that the offense is decent but can't do anything against the team defense.

Because if the offense is that sloppy all year, even the best defense of all time would have a hard time carrying the team to the playoffs.

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