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Kevin Kolb Has More Positives, More Negatives In Training Camp Scrimmage

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Neither quarterback was at all dominant in the Saturday scrimmage the Arizona Cardinals held in Flagstaff for an estimated 14,500 fans. The defense was the story, as they got pressure and kept the offense out of the end zone until the final play.

But the question everybody asks is which QB looked better.

Well, neither looked really good.

Kolb was unofficially 9/16 for 91 yards. He threw for a TD to Rob Housler and he was intercepted twice.

Skelton did not look good throwing the ball. He completed only two passes the entire scrimmage, going 2/10 for 25 yards. He did not throw an interception.

Kolb, though, looked better. The offense was able to move a little better with him because he was more on target with his throws. He extended some plays, he stepped up in the pocket and he had designed rollout passes.

Skelton had at least two touchdown opportunities, but overthrew them both. Once was Larry Fitzgerald wide open down the field.

In the end, nothing is any clearer. You don't want to have turnovers, but not completing passes isn't a good option either. The QB question still does not have an answer. Hopefully one pulls ahead as the preseason starts up in a week.

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