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Yes, The Arizona Cardinals Can Really Win The NFC West

With the start of training camp across the NFL, teams and fans all start out with great optimism. Everyone can be a winner! Despite the fact that it won't happen, Ryan Van Bibber from SB Nation takes a look at each NFC team and makes a case for all of them, explaining how they could make it to the postseason.

For the Cardinals, fortunately, it isn't much of a stretch.

The Cardinals can make the playoffs because the team finally got some help for Larry Fitzgerald when it drafted Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd. Fitzgerald was wrapped up in double coverage against most opponents last season. With the big, physical Floyd working across from him, whoever ends up quarterbacking the team has another viable target to make quick throws and keep pass rushers honest. The Cardinals went 6-2 in the second half of 2011, thanks to big improvements on defense; more help scoring touchdowns could be a big boost in a wide open NFC West.

Sure, the San Francisco 49ers are the favorites, but trusting Alex Smith to duplicate the year he had a season ago seems like a hard thing to count on. If it weren't for their fantastic, even elite, defense, you could make the argument that the Cardinals would be the favorite if their QB situation were settled.

Can Arizona make the playoffs? Definitely. Will they? I think we all know that it will come down to the play of either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton.